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So.. What is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is the most eco-friendly feminine hygiene product available! It is worn internally in the vagina, and unlike other hygiene options, it collects the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. Since the product collects the flow, your internal moisture is not compromised, making it one of the safest internal hygiene product around! It is also cheaper than other options (in the long run) and is completely safe to use.

So what exactly is it? A menstrual cup is a bell or cup shaped product. Most brands make this out of medical grade silicone, but some make it from latex (for silicone-sensitive people) and also out of TPE. These materials are completely safe and silicone itself has antibacterial properties. And do not worry, this is not the same silicone used in breast implants. This is a very different type of silicone, the one used as artificial heart valves and baby bottle teats.

The menstrual cup is an eco-friendly option because it is reusable. You only need one to last 10-15 years! Although they cost about 30 dollars initially, they save money in the long run because you only need one per 10 years instead of hundreds.

You can wear a cup for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow). When it is full, you take it out, empty it, clean with water (and soap if needed), then insert it back in. This allows you to wear it at night without leaks or worries. Also, a standard menstrual cup can hold more fluid than a super tampon.

The menstrual cup is completely safe! Thousands of people swear by it, and many gynecologists can also confirm that it is safe to use. You can get all the benefits of an internal hygiene product, with the benefits of a reusable product, and much more! And the cup has NEVER been associated with TSS. Something you can not say about tampons!

Also, unlike other internal products, the cup does not leak any chemicals into your body. And the menstrual cup can be worn while swimming, playing sports, and much more! It also gives you a more “clean” feeling, as menstrual fluid starts to smell when it oxidizes. Since the fluid is kept inside your body, it is not able to oxidize and has no smell.

You can even wear the menstrual cup before your period starts! As teens, our periods can be unexpected. It is perfectly safe to wear a cup a day or two before your period starts, as a “just in case” kind of thing. The menstrual cup is great for people starting their periods!

So how does it work? The cup is first folded (you can see them in the “folds and insertion” page) in order to make the opening as small as possible. You then insert it, aiming towards your tail bone. After it is inserted, you let go, and the cup will gently pop open. Then voila! It’s done. The cup can now function and collect your menstrual flow.

There are many different types of menstrual cups available. Standard silicone cups, latex cups for people allergic to silicone, and TPE cups for people with extra sensitive bladders. Also, there are very squishy cups for people with weak pelvic floor muscles, medium cups for people with regular pelvic floor muscles, and firm cups for the athletic people with strong pelvic floor muscles.

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