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Cup backup


On this page, I want to talk about the various backup options for cups. Some women choose to just wear a cup with no backup. However, some women like the safety and security of having a backup on hand, just in case. Also, when you are first starting out with cups, having a backup would be a great option. There are three reusable options for a cup backup.

1. Reusable cloth pads

2. Reusable interlabial pads

3. Another reusable cup

Reusable Cloth Pads

Cloth pads are another form of reusable menstrual products that are safe for your body. They are like normal pads but made of soft and safe material that can be washed and used again. These are typically more comfortable than regular pads because they are breathable. Since they do not have a plastic backing, these pads can feel light, almost like the feel of your underwear. The material and design options for these are endless. A cloth pad will either stay in place with a snap in the back of your underwear or through the tightness of your underwear. In the long run, cloth pads saves you tons of money just like a menstrual cup. A light liner or mini pad can be enough to capture any leaks from your cup.


Reusable Interlabial Pads (My sister’s personal favorite)

Interlabial pads are yet another form of reusable menstrual products. These are very similar to cloth pads and often made from the same material. The major difference is that this is place in between your labia. Instead of being internal, inside the vagina or external, in your underwear, this product is the “between step” for pads and cups. The interlabial pad stays in place through your labia flaps that are squeezed together upon standing. This can also be very comfortable once you get used to it. Although you cannot wear this product while swimming, you can wear it while showering. A small interlabial pad should be enough to capture extra leaks from your cup.

Another Reusable Cup

For this method, you can place a smaller cup inside your vagina after you have placed your original cup. The reason you put a smaller cup afterwards is because if you cup a small cup and then a big cup, the small cup will sit inside the big cup and steal the big cup’s capacity. However, if you wear a small cup under the big cup, the big cup cannot sit inside the small cup, and the small cup will work to its full potential. This method works only for extremely high cervixed women who have extra room in their vagina. The major con to this method is forgetting about the second cup and only taking one out. Be sure to take both cups out!! This gives you all the benefits of using a cup, being able to swim and etc, with an extra leak protection. Since a cup can collect a lot of menstrual fluid, this is recommended for women with extreme leakage issues due to a very heavy flow. Using another menstrual cup might not work for most people.

I hope this helped you decide which cup backup would be the best for you. And remember, not every women is the same, so whichever option you choose is fine. Some women don’t even use a backup!



Comments on: "Cup backup" (2)

  1. That backup method of inserting a second cup… have you, or anyone else, actually tried that?

    • Not me but my friend Kate says she uses that method for when she sleeps. But it is very specific to people with certain bodies (VERY long vaginal canal and high cervix) so I recommend using the other methods. But if it works for you, that’s great! 😀

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