Cup help from a teen, for a teen



I recently had an issue with getting a cup labeled as a “Divacup” that turned out to be from another brand. However, a lady from the menstrual cup community graciously offered to send this to me to review on my blog! Thank you so much~

The Divacup is typically known for being one of the longest cups available on the market. It is also the most widely known cup brand and is available in grocery stores around the country. The Divacup I got is the Model 1 type. The Divacup comes in two sizes, and in one color.



My first thoughts. This isn’t that big! I’ve read so much about how the Divacup is “huge” compared to the others but the size was actually about the same as the other cups I had. The only difference was that the actual cup was longer and the stem was shorter. The cup is semitransparent and gives the cup a natural silicone look. The cup itself is very smooth and squishy. Although the stem is hollowed, it is even squishier than other cup brands, making the stem very comfortable to keep intact. The cup also has measuring lines to help you track down your flow. The cup also came with a diva-pouch. The pouch was very cute and had the word “Diva” written on it.

As other people have previously stated, the air holes for the Diva are smaller than most other cups. Some people recommend expanding these holes to aid popping open. I did not find this necessary, but if you find that you cannot open the Diva fully, you can try expanding the air holes with a toothpick or other rounded objects.

Dry run

As usual, I tested this cup on a dry run. I sterilized my new cup a day before my planned dry run date. The cup went in very easily and it only took about 2 minutes to insert and pop open. Although the stem protruded my body due to my low cervix, it was so comfortable that I did not need to trim it off. After wearing it for about half an hour, I took it out, cleaned it, and stored it until my actual trial runs.

Light flow day

My cervix is usually lower during my period and when I inserted the cup, the stem protruded more than it had on my dry run. This was perfectly fine and it was still comfortable to wear. I inserted the cup easily and waited for it to leak. It never did. After about 11 hours, I went to check on the cup and it was still not leaking. I took it out, and saw that it was almost full, but not at the leaking stage. Wow! What a high capacity cup! Cleaning, even with the small air holes was easy, and I inserted back in.

Heavy flow day

I also tested this cup on my heavy flow day. Although the capacity for this cup was great, I knew that the cup would not last as long as my light flow days. However, the cup did last 5 hours! How amazing! Insertion and removal, as usual, was easy.

This cup is from a very well-known brand, and that is not without reason. The Divacup, to me, was a very comfortable and high capacity cup that I could use at night without fear of leaking. I would recommend this cup to anyone with a medium to high cervix with a medium to heavy flow. Also, since this cup is widely available, I would also recommend this cup to teens without a credit card or paypal account. Great product, Divacup! This cup has a very generous capacity that can be beneficial to teens without time to change their cup frequently.



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