Cup help from a teen, for a teen


Hey everyone!

I am so excited to have the privilege to review the Femmecup! The company was very nice and agreed to send me a free cup to do this review. Thank you Femmecup~

The Femmecup comes in one size, and one color. The cup is very smooth and comes in a see-through clear color.





My first thoughts. Dang! It was kind of like Christmas in the middle of May. The company had provided so many things along with their cup that I was amazed. The cup, unlike other brands, is completely transparent. It looks beautiful and looks very clean. The cup also had an extremely squishy body that made it very comfortable. The top 1/3 of the cup (basically the rim area) was made from a denser amount of silicone than the bottom 2/3, making the cup have the best of both worlds. The ease of popping open that comes with a firm cup, along with the flexibility and softness that comes with a squishy cup. Great idea! The cup also had a very smooth inside that helped with cleaning. Along with the cup came two storage pouches. One was a normal cotton drawstring pouch but the other was one shaped like a panty! How cute and original! I definitely think I will be using the panty pouch sometime soon :). Also along with these came an instructional booklet that had detailed instructions in many different languages, a brochure, and a Femmecup box. Nice, generous amount of things provided with this sample. Thank you!

Dry run

This cup was one of the easiest cups to insert even on a dry run. With the smooth body made from squishy silicone, the cup went in with great ease. Also this was one of my most comfortable cups with a body that could not be felt even if I tried to focus on it. The cup went in smoothly and I took it out after 20 minutes, cleaned it, and propped it for my period.

Light flow day

Just as during the dry runs, this cup was extremely easy to insert during my period. Although i was afraid it wouldn’t pop open due to the fact that this is THE softest cup I have ever tried, the slightly thicker rim allowed it to open with ease. I honestly could not feel the cup at all once it was in place. However, as this is a smaller cup than the other ones I have tried, it did become full after about 4 hours. Might be a bit inconvenient for heavy flow days.

Heavy flow day

As predicted, the cup was slightly too small for my heavy flow day. It started leaking after about an hour and I had to frequently empty it. Not recommended if you have a heavy flow.

Overall, this cup was amazing! I loved it on my light flow day as this was an extremely soft cup. So comfortable and easy to open! I would definitely recommend if you have a light flow and need or want a soft cup.



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