Cup help from a teen, for a teen

Insertion and popping open

So.. insertion. The hardest part of using a menstrual cup. There are many factors that can help with insertion. Normally speaking, a squishy cup will be easier to insert. Also, a smoother cup will be easier to insert.

In order to insert a cup, you must first fold it into a shape that will be easy to insert. You can see different folds in the “folds” page. You must aim the tip of the fold toward your tailbone and slowly insert. For easier insertion, you can use a water based lubricant or warm water (warm water acts as a great lubricant that makes your cup temporarily squishier). Most people find that it is easier to insert with the folded part facing down. I like to have the folded part facing to the side, then twist it to make it face down WHILE inserting. Also, position matters. Some people like to sit on the toilet with legs wide apart, some like to have one foot on a high surface (preferably higher than their chest) and insert, and others like to lie on their back in the “giving birth” position. This is all about preference. Experiment to see what works best for you. When you get the entire rim of the cup inside of you, you can now let go and allow the cup to pop open.

Popping open is thought of as the second hardest part of using a menstrual cup. If the cup does not pop open properly, the cup cannot form a seal with your body that blocks fluid from going outside the cup. So, popping open. Generally, a firmer cup will be easiest to pop open. A big tip for popping open is allowing air to get into the cup. After insertion, press the side of the cup and allow an air space for air to flow in. Let the air to flow in for about 5-10 seconds. This allows the cup to be filled with air like a balloon and open fully. Another tip to popping open is using cold water as a lubricant instead of warm. Just like how warm water makes your cup squishier, cold water makes your cup firmer. A firm cup will pop open by itself without any difficulties. Once the cup is fully open, the cup can function correctly and you can forget about it until removal time!



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