Cup help from a teen, for a teen


First off, I would like to thank the generous lady who offered to send me these samples to review on my blog! Thank you so much!!

So I got my Instead softcup in the mail a few days ago. There was a box of 14 Insteads, wrapped in plastic. I must say, the instead cup is definitely different from other menstrual cups. It is disposable and inserted differently from the other types. The company also has very helpful information on their website that can help with this different concept of menstrual cups.

It is important to know where your cervix is to use this product. Since the cup needs to be tucked behind your cervix, not knowing where your cervix is can cause leakage.

This brand is often recommended for ladies who have extremely sensitive bladders. Since a regular menstrual cup would constantly push against the bladder, a person with a sensitive bladder might not be able to wear it. However, the Instead cups slide in sideways, causing way less pressure against the bladder. Great design, Instead!!

IMG_1250IMG_1251IMG_1252 IMG_1746IMG_1749 IMG_1748  IMG_1745

Okay, so my thoughts. I tested one softcup on my light flow day, and another on my heaviest day. The cup was very easy to insert following the instructions. You have to aim lower than usual, then aim up AFTER you pass your cervix. This is very important since the cup needs to circle around your cervix. It went in smoothly and stayed in place very well. When I was exercising (I exercise daily), I could feel the presence of the cup, but it did not bother me at all. It was not uncomfortable or anything, but you could tell that it was there. The rim had the perfect amount of firmness and squishiness to keep it in place comfortably.

Light flow day

I waited my usual 10 hours (for light flow days) before I went to empty the cup. Removal was harder than insertion. You have to untuck the cup from behind your cervix, and this caused a little bit of mess on my hands. However, the mess only got on my hands, no where else! Also, the cup was only half full when I took it out. Very good capacity! Afterwards, I threw it away and went on with my day.

Heavy flow day

I also tested this cup out on my heavy flow day. My heavy flows usually come with extreme cramping. Menstrual cups usually help with my cramping, and this one definitely did! The cup lasted about 3 hours, but that’s normal for my heavy flow days.

For this product, I recommend being careful when removing. It is possible to forget to pull down below your cervix before removing, and it could ram into your cervix. Ouch. But otherwise, great product! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has sex while menstruating (only menstrual cup that allows intercourse while wearing), has a very sensitive bladder, or anyone willing to test it out!



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