Cup help from a teen, for a teen


I got my Lunette for free from a giveaway on their website. I must say, this brand has excellent customer service! This was my first menstrual cup, and as such, I had many questions. The company always answered very quickly and helped me with any issues I had. Thank you Lunette!

So this was my very first menstrual cup. I entered a giveaway on the Lunette website, and I got to choose whichever color and size I wanted. I got a size 1 Lunette Aine. It arrived 3 business days later in the mail…


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My first thoughts. Wow! How pretty! The Aine color is beautiful. It is a slight orange-like coral color and it came with a blue satiny Lunette pouch. The cup also came with a detailed instruction booklet that was very helpful for me, a beginner. Also, the cup was very squishy and flexible. The stem and the base of the cup has 3 grip rings each, that help with removal. This was very useful! It allowed my hands to grab onto the cup with ease and take it out. Also, a great idea, the inside it completely smooth! This made cleaning super simple.

Dry run

I first tested my new cup out with a dry run. As instructed, I sterilized the cup before my first insertion. I had never put something into my vagina before (other than tampons, which have applicators) so I was very nervous. But wow! What a breeze! It was so simple, with warm water as my lubricant it went in smoothly. After it was inside, I let it pop open, then pushed the cup up into place. I took about 20 minutes trying to get it to open fully (but I think that is only because it was my very first cup). The cup was very comfortable, especially with the solid, flexible stem. I have a low cervix, but I did not think there was a need to trim the stem because it is so flexible! After wearing it for about an hour, I took it out. This was easier than insertion because you can just pull down the stem until the base is half out, then fold in half and take it out. Great dry run!

Light flow day

So I inserted the cup as I did on my dry run. This time, it was way easier because the fluid acted as a lubricant to help the cup go in. After checking to make sure it popped open, I put on a pantyliner (just in case). Then I totally forgot about the cup! Which is, a good thing actually. But about 9 hours later, I realized that the cup was inside of me (after I saw the cup packaging, I remembered). So I went in the bathroom and quickly took it out. I was dumbfounded. Not even 1/4 full! I quickly cleaned it with water and inserted back in.

Heavy flow day

I also tested this cup out on my heavy flow day. I was afraid that because my heavy days come with extreme cramping, the cup would not work out. Surprisingly, the cup made the cramping better! I did not experience as much cramping as I usually do. I must say, the cup did not last as long as my light flow days, but that was expected. After about 4 hours, I felt a little gush and quickly went to the bathroom. Even though the cup was slightly leaking, it was great! Removal was as easy as the other day.

I would recommend this product for anyone starting out with menstrual cups, and even experienced people looking for a well-rounded cup. I felt that it had enough firmness to allow the cup to pop open easily, while it had the right amount of squishiness for a beginner. Also, the instruction booklet came with very helpful tips to help a beginner! Good amount of capacity, and smooth body to help with cleaning. A very well designed cup!



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