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The MeLuna cup is different from the other menstrual cups in that it uses TPE rather than silicone for its main material. TPE is completely safe and is often used to make baby bottles and other high-maintenance objects.

I emailed the MeLuna company and they agreed to send me some sample cups! Thank you MeLuna!

They sent me 6 non-usable cups of each size. An extra-large clear classic basic style. A large orange classic ring style. A medium green classic stem style. A small red classic ball style. A medium purple classic mini. And a small blue glitter classic mini. Along with a stack of fliers and a “size finder” chart that helps you determine your size.

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1219 IMG_1220IMG_1221  IMG_1223

Comparison photos

IMG_1751IMG_1752IMG_1755    IMG_1756


A very nice lady from the menstrual cup livejournal also offered to send me some of her MeLuna cups for me to review. She sent me a medium pink soft ring style and a large cyan soft ball style (old version). She also sent the original MeLuna pouches along with the instruction booklet. Thank you so much 😀

IMG_1248 IMG_1255IMG_1254



You can see that MeLuna has changed their rim style. The new version (left) has a more slanted rim and the old one (right) is very rounded.


Also, the air holes on the new version is slightly bigger than the old.


The grip rings on the new version are easier to grasp, the old version’s grip rings are too smooth and rounded to hold onto.

Very nice changes, MeLuna!!

My first thoughts were that the cup was a completely different feel from the other menstrual cups. The MeLuna was very smooth, but kind of sticky on the outside, and stubbly on the inside. A different feel from the completely smooth silicone menstrual cups. I really liked the differences in the style of the stem. Unlike other menstrual cups, the MeLuna gave you four options of either basic (no stem), regular stem, ball stem, and a ring stem. The ring stem is especially helpful for high cervixed people because you can put a special string in it and pull it down like a tampon string for removal. The MeLuna also came with a very large pouch that can be used to store additional stuff other than just your cup. Great ideas from this company!

Many people have previously stated that the TPE material in the newer version of the MeLunas catch onto smell easily. This smell can be lessened by rubbing alcohol. I have yet to try this cup, so I cannot put my own opinion into this theory.


Sadly, I have found that the TPE does seem to have a bad odor after frequent use without cleaning. Of course, this problem can be alleviated by cleaning the cup frequently but I found this to be too much of a hassle. Otherwise, perfectly good cups!

I really liked the different stems available to meet each individual’s needs. Depending on whether you had a high cervix or low, you could choose the stem perfect for you. Great ideas that I wished could be passed onto other companies.

Capacity wise I found that the MeLuna fared pretty well. Did not leak and was able to hold an average number of hours usual for my light/heavy flow days. Definitely has its pros and cons. Great cup to try if you haven’t found “The One” yet!



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