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My conversion story

I wanted to dedicate this page to my mom who has always been helpful and supporting of what I want to do!

Pan’s conversion story.

I first began my period when I was 12 years old. I was so shocked, as I did not know what to expect at all. I had never really been taught about my period, and I was stuck.. at SCHOOL. With no protection. Oh dear, so I went to my best friend Moh and asked if she had a pad. She gladly handed me a pad and explained how to use it. As soon as I got home, I told my mom about it. She was shocked that I was able to figure out what to do and had this teary “My little baby is a woman now!” moment. She got very excited and we went out to buy my very first disposable pad box from Always. So from then on, I used pads… Until, summer came.

My family has a tradition of going down to Virginia over the summer to play in the beach. But sadly, my period was happening right at that time! I was so upset and I even looked up if you could swim with pads. But, nope, you cannot. So I asked my mom what I should do, and she told me to use tampons. Tampons?? What are those? So I looked up things about tampons and they sounded amazing! What? You cannot feel them? So I bought my very first tampon and fell in love. I thought they were the most amazing thing in the world. Until that incident happened.

My sister had gotten TSS. It was devastating. So many days crying and hoping she would get better. I vowed then that I would never use tampons again. So I quit my tampons and went back to pads. I was not happy with pads, but they seemed way better than tampons at this point. However, as December approached, I found that most of my friends wanted to go snowboarding. It is almost impossible to snowboard with a pad, because everytime you fall, the water gets into your underwear. So, after I tried it once and had major leaking issues, I could not go along my friends to do something I loved. So I absolutely HAD to find another option. I searched all over the internet, and came across menstrual cups! I remembered my health teacher mentioning them once, but she had told us that it was very stiff and uncomfortable in her experience. But new ones were out. Ones that were extremely squishy and comfortable. I had to get into this new craze. So I immediately entered the giveaway at Lunette’s website and won! It was amazing. From then on, I fell in love with this wonderful product that does not cause TSS!!

Thanks for reading my story~



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  1. Thats a great story! I too am a teen menstrual cup user and i live in the UK. I first got my period on a camping trip so that was…interesting. thankfully my godmother had hers as well so she gave me some pads. i got my period when i was 14 and i think i knew more about it than my mum! i switched to cloth pads and menstrual cup after i found out about the cancerous chemicals in both!

    I also suffer from ME/CFS which has a few symptoms in commons with TSS so i didn’t want to risk it. i can’t believe i ever used tampons, cups are so much better! i have a youtube channel where i give advice and inform other people about these products. i put it as my website.

    Im glad to have found your blog, i didn’t realise you have so few cups available in the US. here in the UK we have at least 20. i use a Meluna and a mami cup.

    bree xx

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