Cup help from a teen, for a teen


Removal, for me, was the easiest step to learn because I have a medium-short cervix. If your cervix is high, then removal will be a bit harder because your cup tends to move up by itself, and out of your reach. For removal, first go back into the position you were in for insertion. Many people practice removal in the shower, before doing it elsewhere. Get as comfortable as possible and relax your muscles. Slowly insert your finger into your vagina until you can feel the stem. Gently pull down on the stem until the base of the cup is at your hand’s reach. Break the seal by pinching the base of the cup and slowly rock it out.

If the method above does not work, there is another, less common method for removal. Once you can reach the base of the cup, slide one finger below the cup and hook onto the rim of the cup. Pull down on the cup until most of the cup is out, then fold the cup partly into a C-fold. This helps make the cup smaller for removal, but may lead to leaking if the cup is completely full.

The major tip for removal is to have completely dry fingers. If your fingers are wet, the cup will be slippery. Also, a cup with grip rings or bumps will be easier to remove than a completely smooth cup.



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