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Hey there!


I recently contacted Sckooncup and was offered a menstrual cup for review. I was extremely excited about this opportunity as this was my very first heavy flow cup, so thank you so much! I was hoping I could use this on my heaviest days with no problem and (spoiler alert) I was not disappointed!

Here’s what came in the mail:

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Initial thoughts: Omg it’s GORGEOUS! The color “Balance” did not disappoint. The pictures do not do the cup justice; it looks even more beautiful in person. Sckooncup is made in the US and uses FDA approved soft medical-grade silicone which makes it easy to use for people who are unable to use harder cups! It has an extremely smooth design with absolutely no lines or letters on the inside, which makes it extremely easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Unlike other cups, Sckooncup has five angled suction holes which allows it to pop open with ease and also provides maximum capacity for such a small design. The suction holes are completely smooth which makes it really easy to clean! The cup was evidently made to be comfortable; even the stem is extremely soft and has small ridges which assist in removal. Like most other cups, the company provides two different sizes: a small Size 1 and a larger Size 2. They also sell organic cotton cloth pads on their website:

Dry run

Like usual I did a dry run in order to test the size of the cup (making sure it isn’t too long) and comfort level. I did end up having to cut the top ridge of the stem but the cup was so smooth that I didn’t even have to sand it down! The cup pops open with extreme ease and is so flexible that I couldn’t feel it at all. Another successful dry run :).

Light flow day

As expected this cup lasted me the full 12 hours on my lightest day. The cup wasn’t even half full when I took it out and cleaning was so easy. Sckooncup’s design definitely didn’t disappoint, their suction holes were the easiest to clean by far. Extremely impressive considering their size, but the company obviously did their research and found the perfect size that allows ease of opening and cleaning with leakproof protection.

Heavy flow day

This was the ultimate test day. The day I had been waiting for: Sckooncup versus the Niagara falls. I had to see if this cup could stand up to my heaviest of heavy days. I’m extremely happy to say that Sckooncup won. It was able to stay leak-proof for about 9 or 10 hours, an incredibly long time considering that other cups held for about 4 hours on my heavy day. This will DEFINITELY be my go-to cup for my heavy days; it is extremely comfortable and is able to stay forever!

I would absolutely recommend this cup for anyone with a heavy flow that makes it hard to use other small cups. The design allows it to fill all the way to the rim without leaking and is designed for comfort. I have finally found my Goldilocks cup for heavy days!



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