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Virgins and cups

Now you must be wondering, can virgins use cups? Of course! I, myself, am a virgin who uses a cup! Using a cup is like using a tampon, anyone can use it (unless the doctor told you not to use internal hygiene products). Also, you do not have to have used a tampon to use a cup! I even know someone who started their first period with pads, and from their second, used cups. It might be harder to get used to, but it is definitely possible. Since you cannot feel it once it is inside, people who have never used tampons get used to it very quickly.

Virgins tend to like smaller folds so the cup is smaller for insertion. For folds that are recommended for virgins, check out the “folds” tab.

Like any internal hygiene product, your hymen can be stretched or torn when wearing a cup. The hymen could also be in the way of inserting a cup. If needed, you can stretch your hymen a bit to make insertion even easier. This is not necessary, but some people find it helps. However, this can also happen when playing sports, riding a bike, or even stretching your body! If your religion or family values requires you to have a hymen in tact until marriage, then it is not recommended that you use a menstrual cup



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  1. And remember, (for most people, above exceptions apply[religious beliefs/family values]) breaking your hymen does not equal losing your virginity. The only way to lose your virginity is to have intercourse or “penis in vagina” sex.

    Stretching your hymen to accommodate menstrual products is as simple as inserting a finger, slowly, into your vagina. Once this becomes comfortable, move up to two fingers. Most people would probably agree that if you can fit three fingers inside your vagina fairly comfortably, you can fit a menstrual cup in there.

    As with any internal vaginal product, you should be comfortable with feeling, entering and exploring your own body. If you aren’t comfortable with that right now, there is nothing wrong with you! Just try to become familiar with all of your parts. It is a completely normal and HEALTHY thing to do as long as you wash your hands before and after.

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